Borderlands 2 download will be coming soon as Borderlands 2 release date lies on 18th September 2012. After the release Borderlands 2 PS3 download, Borderlands 2 XBOX 360 and PC version will be available. The most interesting news about the game is that Borderlands 2 free download will have improved AI, addition of new weapons, new vehicles and new variations of bad guys. Just not this, new characters have been introduced and quest system has also undergone changes to give ultimate experience to the players. Makers have good news for Borderlands Full version owners as while they will download Borderlands 2 Full Game the game will detect saved data of previous version and unlock new character heads and skins for the players.

Free download Borderlands 2’s enhanced AI includes enhanced enemy AI also that means now the challenge will be more for the players. They will have to deal with much smarter and witty enemies not like the thugs, punks and bangers of Borderlands original. The players should be ready for more challenging quests and much more adventure and action. That’s not it the players will have more variations in bad guys and its being heard that this time there will be lesser bad guys (quality matters than quantity).

Full Version Borderlands 2 download will take the players 5 years past the events of the prior instalment. And since many things have been reworked so have been the characters. All new playable characters have been added to this instalment while characters from previous instalment are there just as Non Playable characters.

PC download Borderlands 2, PS3 and Xbox 360 download will have Salvador (the Gunzerker), ZerO (the Assassin), Maya (the Siren), Axton (the Commando) and Tiny Tina (the Mechomancer). It will also have Handsome Jack while old characters like Marcus, Lilith, Brick and Mad Moxxi will be there just for the sake of story and no more be playable.

Borderlands 2 Game with improved enemy AI will have much more dangerous and difficult to defeat enemies. The list of new added enemies includes Skags who are animal kind and attack in groups, Bandits, Marauds, Varkids, Goliaths and Loader robots. The most dangerous of them all are Threshers who attack with their multiple tentacles that are not easy to handle as tentacles need to be dealt with before getting to the creature. Enhanced and customizable weaponry system includes sniper rifles, rocket launchers, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns and combat rifles.

Full game is packed with all the needed ingredients for a brilliant game so better wait for the release to get your hands on it.
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